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You Can Grow It. 10X Cheaper. Organically. Sustainably. 

Pesticide and Herbicide Free. 


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Our Mission

One Seed Home Garden Consultants helps householders grow cannabis in a manner that is legal, discreet, environmentally responsible and rewarding.

Your Weed. Your Way.

We advise, assist, instruct and provide materials, tools and devices to house-holders who wish to grow up to four, legally obtained, female cannabis plants and to process those plants into sweet organic, sun grown bud.

A One Seed consultant will guide you through the processes of consultation, garden design, site preparation and assist you through the entire production cycle assuring you a quality product and a bountiful return on your investment and efforts. 

Nine Ways to Cheaper, Cleaner, Greener Weed.

 One Seed  offers you nine home visits from an experienced cannabis gardener.

The First Visit: Consultation on the design of the garden and the methods to be used. Germinating and rooting your seeds.
The Second Visit: Preparation of the planting medium and site, transplanting and hardening the young plants. Keeping a garden journal.
The Third Visit: Moving into the Garden. Outdoor plant care basics. Support structures.
The Fourth Visit: Trouble Shooting. Pest and disease management. Soil amendment, organic teas.
The Fifth Visit: Pruning and Bending for Better Yield.
The Sixth Visit: Setting Up and Operating a Light Deprivation Enclosure.
The Seventh Visit: The Flowering Process.
The Eighth Visit: Harvesting and Drying the Flowers.
The Ninth Visit: The Curing Process.

Prices vary with garden size and design.

  • One Seed is a cannabis home garden consulting service. We don’t grow the weed for you. We help you to grow it for yourself. We provide everything you will need in terms of materials, tools, knowledge and experience. We base our prices on the number of home visits you require and the quantity of materials that go into the building of your garden.
  • We offer a basic service plan of ten home visits for $500.00. This includes one unscheduled house call for emergency response should something go terribly wrong with your plants. Additional charges for materials are based upon garden size and design and are carefully estimated after the initial consultation in your home and before the contract is signed. If you don't want the 10 visit package you can order them à la carte at $60.00 per visit.